Holiday Giveaway!


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Giveaway time again! Yay! The holidays are coming up quick, and what better time to give away some pretty jewels? It is the giving season after all, right? I am giving away a lovely pair of my newest design–Crystal Teardrops Earrings in Coral Pink. Brass filligree components and teardrop hoop covered in faceted, shimmering soft-pink crystals with 14k gold-filled ear wires. They measure 2 1/2 inches in length and are very light, comfortable, and sparkly! You can also view them in my Etsy shop.





Entry is simple:

1. Like my facebook page

2. Share my facebook page

3. Leave a comment below this post letting me know that you successfully completed steps 1 and 2.

That’s it! Winner will be chosen when 300 “Likes” are reached on facebook 🙂

Thanks for the support and good luck!

Love, Heather



The River in the Fall


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I recently moved to Sacramento, Ca–which might as well be New York, NY or Los Angeles, Ca as far as I am concerned. In the words of Mr J. Cougar Mellencamp, “I was born in a small town.”I have always lived in a small town. Except now, I live in a big city-town.

Admittedly, I was pretty nervous about the move, not sure that I would handle the transition well. But, I moved, I’m here now, and guess what? It’s not so bad. Its actually really pretty kinda’ great. I live in a cute little old house, on a quiet little old street–and it is not that much different than life back in the small town.

And the best part, the river is right behind my house. Right behind it. A hop, skip, and a jump away. Miles and miles of bike trail, too. Something that was very hard to come by in the country. People aren’t nearly as accommodating if you are trying to ride your bike in the foothills. So even though we are in the city, a short walk along our quiet street, and it feels like I am back home.

The hubby and I took one of these walks just yesterday, and what a perfect fall day it was. We even brought the beast with us (our dog, Sable).


It is usually a popular fishing spot, but signs were up posting no fishing till the year ends. Apparently it is spawning season. It was amazing to see that Salmon swimming up stream and jumping out of the water! I felt like we were whale-watching!


It was a no-makeup kind of day. Nice to let my skin breathe 🙂


Sable goes crazy for the water,

and is relentless about getting a stick thrown to her. . .


. . .and then she found a huge rock that she had to have.

It kept her busy for about ten minutes.


She is annoying but she is pretty cute.

Some ducks were also enjoying the lovely fall day.IMG_3186

and some kayakers,


and another bird. . . I believe it to be a blurry bird of some sort.


and another bird. . .





And on the way out, we saw this cute little fellow.



He’s so cute!

When we got home I went to work making some pieces with the fall river colors fresh in my mind.

Here’s what I came up with:

IMG_3239 IMG_3240 IMG_3241 IMG_3238-001

first this pair of hoops, with Labradorite, Adventurine, and Czech glass in shades of yellows, green, and gray. I think that the colors mimic the stones, water, and fall foliage pretty well. You can view them in my Etsy Shop here: River in the Fall Hoops

And then this pair of dangles.


You can check them out here: River in the Fall Dangles

So it was a pretty good day. I am thankful for that river spot, it is helping me to fit in here, to feel safe, to feel home. I think this country mouse is gonna make it after all 🙂

I’m in love!


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I’m in love! With my new jewelry cards that is. For some time, I have been working on finding my style, my thing, my “voice” if you will. And lately, I have been finding it more than ever. I have been streamlining my style in an attempt to create a workspace, line of jewelry, and “feel” that is cohesive and a clear projection of who I am as an artist. I have so many ideas running around this head of mine, that I am learning to just say no (to myself) sometimes, even if it hurts 🙂 Focus, Heather, focus.

I would like to share a little snippet into my new look. I’ve been printing my own jewelry cards since day one, and they have evolved many times. I am, for the most part, happy with them. Simple, sort of vintage, clean


But a little plain. In keeping with my “Fern Canyon” theme (more on that later), I decided that something as simple as a stamp could breath some life into my cards.

So, off to the craft store I went.

Some lovely stamps. . .


plus perfect, moss green, archival ink. . .IMG_3105

and, Voila! My cards magically sprang to life!IMG_3107

I think they go perfectly with my designs, complementing rather than detracting. What do you think?


And on my wall . . .


Yes. I can honestly say, I am in love. Its not the first time, and I am sure it won’t be the last!


Inspiration Everywhere


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This gallery contains 9 photos.

As an artist, I am constantly on the prowl for inspiration, which is not difficult to find in this amazing, …

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