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I’m in love! With my new jewelry cards that is. For some time, I have been working on finding my style, my thing, my “voice” if you will. And lately, I have been finding it more than ever. I have been streamlining my style in an attempt to create a workspace, line of jewelry, and “feel” that is cohesive and a clear projection of who I am as an artist. I have so many ideas running around this head of mine, that I am learning to just say no (to myself) sometimes, even if it hurts 🙂 Focus, Heather, focus.

I would like to share a little snippet into my new look. I’ve been printing my own jewelry cards since day one, and they have evolved many times. I am, for the most part, happy with them. Simple, sort of vintage, clean


But a little plain. In keeping with my “Fern Canyon” theme (more on that later), I decided that something as simple as a stamp could breath some life into my cards.

So, off to the craft store I went.

Some lovely stamps. . .


plus perfect, moss green, archival ink. . .IMG_3105

and, Voila! My cards magically sprang to life!IMG_3107

I think they go perfectly with my designs, complementing rather than detracting. What do you think?


And on my wall . . .


Yes. I can honestly say, I am in love. Its not the first time, and I am sure it won’t be the last!