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Toilet trouble. Yes that is how my Saturday morning started. A flush is something that we (I) take for granted, I learned today. As it turns out, toilet-trouble is something that I was unprepared for, so off to Lowe’s I went.

I treated myself to a new tool to cut some of my heavier copper pieces, so that I could finally experiment with some thicker cuffs–something I have been itching to do.

After the plunge, I went to work, excited to try out my new tool. A little hammering, a little annealing, a little shaping, a little pickling, a little oxidizing, a little tumble-polishing, and ta-da! Here you have it folks, a pretty substantial cuff that is comfortable, lightweight, and holds it shape realllly well. Like surprisingly well.

Of course I had to put my favorite stone on it, peridot :)I like it!

IMG_3126-001 IMG_3135

So there it is. But I was not happy. Nope, I wanted more.

I mentioned that I was itching to get my hands on some proper cutting tools, well, the itching didn’t stop there. I have also been wanting a set of metal stamps. I figured now as a good a time as any, and off to Micheal’s I went.



I have never stamped metal before–whacked, pounded, and obliterated it with the hammer, but never stamped. Apparently there is a slight learning curve to it. After getting my bracelet just right, and the lettering decent, I accidentally messed up on the final touch–the heart. Perhaps I was a bit too confident. Live and learn right?


Still, not too bad for my first attempt, eh?

Next time was better.



Love. It is all you need.

But. . . I wanted a little more. Dare I attempt TWO words?

You bet!


This one’s my favorite. Be Love. I think those words are extremely powerful together.

Can’t go wrong by being love.

So I made quite the little collection, and I must say, I love them!



I even made a little heart ring.


and of course, had to make one in peridot.


So all in all, what started out a rather crappy day, turned into a pretty awesome one! So many words and phrases are swimming around in my head–I can’t wait to stamp them out! What would your bracelet say?